Outrageous Love (Live)

Outrageous Love (Live)




    • Flow of Praise and Worship
    • Good use of vocal and instrumental arrangement


    • Some overpowering backing singers
    • Little Variation in Style

    Album Information:

    Recorded live at House On The Rock in north London, Outrageous Love was produced by Robinson and Goziam Okogwu, mixed by the renowned John Jaszcz (“The Yoshman”) known for his work with Kirk Frankin and Marvin Sapp, and mastered at Abbey Road studios. The album features cowrites with Israel Houghton (“Let The People Say”), Matt Redman (“He Holds Everything”), and Christine D’Clario (“Revival In Your Name”) among others, and includes a duet with UK worship leader Lara Martin on “I Worship And Adore You.”

    Robinson, who also has five studio albums to his credit, describes himself as a “revivalist at heart,” and his passion for spiritual revival and renewal within the larger Body of Christ and individual believers is reflected throughout Outrageous Love.

    If you have been listening to Christian Music for any length of time then you should be familiar with Noel Robinson. This worship leader from the Pentecostal movement has been making a splash on the international stage for a few years. As such this special release of his Outrageous Love album was a recent release in the US market with a couple of extra remixed tracks on the end, it is also available in the UK as an iTunes download, the original album was released to the UK market in September 2015.

    Noel has been around for some time sharing his time between the local church worship and the international concerts, conventions and gospel rallies. It is this blend of local church worship and big stage performance that is captured brilliantly on this live album. Thankfully you can tell it truly is a live album because the audience is definitely audible throughout – sadly the person who seems to get drowned out is Noel as his backing singers power their way through the songs.

    One thing you certainly cannot do with this album is ignore it. If you put it into your CD player you are either going to take a dislike to it or you’re going to be moved into the flow of the worship and the live experience. For me I am glad to say that it was the latter. Even though the songs and styles were not entirely to my personal taste there is an expression of worship here that can move you if you let it, literally (I was dancing around the kitchen at one point doing the dishwasher and tidying up!). There aren’t a lot of lyrics to be examined you can just move in the flow of worship and turn your heart to God.

    I would have liked to hear more of Noel and less of the backing singers, but at the same time I understand that this is about encouraging worship in others, and not about showcasing one person and I kind of like that approach, but a little more of the man himself would be nice – after all it’s his name on the cover!

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