The following notes are taken from a Bible study by a North Korean pastor, on prayer (Colossians 4:12–13).

Praying is the most important thing you do. Whatever you do each day, begin everything with prayer. It is the shortest way, not the longest! By sacrificing yourself and applying yourself to praying as a warrior, God will open the hearts of people and break through their thinking. We do not pray violently. No, this type of prayer helps us to conquer evil with good. This is why we pray that Kim Jong-Il will become a Christian. And even more, that he will combat the evil in our society.

We must pray in a concentrated way, and for a long time: at least two hours in a row. When I came to faith, I did not want to change my life. I did want to be a Christian, but I wanted to remain who I was, too, and in particular, I did not want to undertake any risky missions. But while I was praying in a concentrated way, a sentence came to my mind: “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” I did not know this text. When I spoke to a friend about it, he told me that it is in the Bible, in Philippians 4:13. There was much sin in my life. I had to pray long and often in order to break down the barriers between God and me.

We must pray as warriors. I must do so. In the past, I often went to the mountains and prayed all night. As I got older, this happened less often. But I’m going to do it again, because the church needs people who pray like that. God uses this prayer to open doors.

Pray that, just like Epaphras, you will find and train leaders, so that together you can conduct missions in a strategic way and God can work through you. If you share the true gospel, you will definitely see fruit. If we scatter the seed of God’s Word and teach this Word with passion, others will recount this to people whom they can trust. Everywhere new churches will come into being. I am convinced that one day the North Korean church will be able to take part in world missions.

We need God’s protection. This is why we pray before we receive relief goods from Open Doors. Only when God makes it clear to us that it is safe do we accept these goods. We can trust in this. It is not so much that we are fighting for God. He is fighting for us. It is His work.

Whenever we do a project with Open Doors, first we fast for seven, sometimes ten days. Only when God tells us we can continue with the project do we give the green light and carry out the project. Sometimes we have a very vivid dream in which God tell us what to do and sometimes we all just feel exactly the same about the project. Our believers are bolder and stronger than before, even though the persecution is also stronger.

Source: Open Doors magazine November 2011

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