PrayerWorks, from The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC), aims to encourage and support people in praying for their colleagues, workplaces and organisations.

Prayer Pathways

It can be difficult to sustain prayer for your workplace. Praying with others can help to maintain momentum and enthusiasm, but whether you’re the only Christian in your workplace or part of a group, Prayer Pathways can help you to pray afresh for the place where you work. Prayer Pathways are a series of 40 day journeys, each looking at different ways of praying. By signing up, you will receive a daily prompt to pray (P2P) by email, which you can use to pray alone or with a group. Either way, you will be part of an LICC community praying for God’s purposes in the workplace.

As well as the daily emails, there will be teaching on the theme of each pathway and on praying for your workplace, a forum for creative prayer ideas to inspire you with new ways of praying for your workplace, and the opportunity to share your experiences from your prayer pathway. There site also includes a number of brief articles on the basics of prayer, covering topics such as ‘What is prayer?‘, ‘Prayer and waiting,’ and ‘Prayer is hard work‘.

Find out more, and sign up to join the Prayer Journey at

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