Dr Clifford Denton (co-author of Earthquake in the City), spoke at various meetings organised by Bethel Ministries at Tremore School Hall recently. He and his wife stayed with me during this time and before he left I asked him how he would summarise how we should be praying for our country. He gave me a considered reply the following day and this, together with thoughts he has shared since by correspondence, I set out below.

Two priorities:-

  • The purifying of the Church.
  • The removal of the unrighteous from office in our land.

Also important:-

  • H. M. The Queen and the observance of the Coronation Oath.
  • Those in prominent positions taking a stand for righteousness.
  • The upholding of marriage.
  • The retreat of the influences of darkness which have prevailed increasingly in recent years.

“I have in mind an emergence of new groups and those who will strengthen and maintain what you yourself are doing. A new wave of younger recruits is part of this.”

“Above all,” Dr Denton says, “I see it as time to ‘turn the tables over in the Temple’ and drive the evil dealers out, with a great wake up call among believers, that wonderful cleansing of the Holy Spirit to result.”

Ann Whitaker

Tremore Manor, Lanivet, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL30 5JT
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March 2012

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