People tend to think, “Well, I’m not an intercessor. I can’t pray for hours and hours on end – that’s not my calling.”

Intercession isn’t only about that. Every man, woman and child is called to be an intercessor, because at heart, intercession is simply about being like Jesus. Intercession is the prayer that stands in the gap; it is prayer that goes beyond the “me”, “mine” and “I” comfort barrier and begins to share the concerns of God.

God looks at your city, the streets and alleys and those who walk there and He is concerned. We need to respond to Him by saying, “Yes God, I will carry Your heartcry; I will listen to Your prayer request.” Intercession is praying from God’s prayer request list. It is choosing to be a prayer partner with Him.

Isaiah 62:10 says,

Pass through, pass through the gates!
  Prepare the way for the people.
Build up, build up the highway!
  Remove the stones.
Raise the banner for the nations.

God is looking for a people who will bridge the gap and prepare a way for people to come to God. As intercessors we need to build a highway that will bring people into contact with the living God. Every prayer we pray is like a bit of tarmac on that road. There is a gap between God the Father and the person or situation you are praying for. Intercession has to stand in that gap. We can’t lay the entire highway in one sitting, but we can keep revisiting it, coming back to lay another square metre. We keep praying until we see a highway established that connects that person or situation to the Father. We are the bridge, the intermediary. We need to remember that even when we cannot seem to see any results, something is being built. Praying is never wasted time. Each time we pray something is happening and a highway is being built in the spiritual realm. One day it will break through and be seen in the natural realm and you will see your answer. So, remember do not give up! Keep praying and build the highway of prayer and see what answer will walk across your life because you took time to pray for someone else!
Source: Supernatural Communication by Rachel Hickson. Copyright New Wine Press. Used by permission.

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