Pray kingdom values into your community. If Jesus was the chairman of your local government what sort of place would He make your town? What sort of community would He want to develop? What things would He allow in, and what things would He keep out of your town? Start to pray for these things and find relevant scriptures to underpin your prayers?

Climb up a hill or go to a high point (top of building) that overlooks the town and write a declaration and pray it over the area. You can write your own personal declaration for your situation or could adapt the following prayer written by Caroline Anderson for your town.

Father, we thank You for every man, woman, teenager and child in ______________ , and we ask You that they will find a relationship with You Jesus. We ask that You would destroy all unbelief that works in their lives so that they will be free to believe. We bind every work of the evil one that would stop the advancement of the kingdom of God today. We declare that Jesus is Lord of ___________ and that at the name of Jesus, every knee must bow in _______________ . We ask for Your kingdom to be extended today, for the town to be known for its righteousness and justice, for its compassion, unconditional love, integrity and honesty for these are the values of Your kingdom to come in ______________ today as it is in heaven. We speak these values into the local government, the hospital, the schools and every shop, office and home; every factory, business and church. We declare it to be a heavenly place in Jesus’ name. Amen.

After soaking your community in prayer, begin to seek God for one specific area where there needs to be a breakthrough. It could be a failing school or poor community care that you are concerned about. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s strategy for that situation and begin to persistently pray into it.

Source: Supernatural Communication by Rachel Hickson. Copyright New Wine Press. Used by permission.

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