At the Bethel Sozo conference in Bath, 16-18th April 2012, Teresa Liebscher called out the trainees from different regions so that their regions could be prophesied over. The following were spoken over Cornwall. (Note that Dawna and Teresa come from the States and are totally unaware of the geography of England and have never visited Cornwall)

Dawna DeSilva:

I see you as a light, a beacon…..almost like a lighthouse, but I see a beacon. You have lighthouses and you have beacons because people are coming from the water but because of the rocks, they’re to show you “Come this way” You guys are going to be this beacon, where people are going to be able to find their way through the rocks. They’re going to be able to find how to get there and they’re going to be safe.

I break off any catastrophe that has happened in Cornwall which has been a misrepresentation of the ability of the beacons to keep safety. We declare the safety!

Teresa Liebscher:

Most of the beacons I’ve seen have a prettiness to them. Some of them may not be as ornate as others but they are not just very simple things that are put up. I just want to say that there is going to be a release of….. “prettiness!” Well, so much of what we do, sometimes, we look at it and we go “oo, yeuch” but this is going to be a prettiness, it’s going to be a welcome, a beacon, a safety, but there’s going to be a welcomeness because you know you’re safe and at a safe place and there’ll be a prettiness to it.

I also want to ask that the beacon is built higher than normal because the security that’s going to be underneath it, you can build higher than what you normally do or what they would normally think – that it be built high, higher! And pretty!

Dawna DeSilva:

Poppa, we just thank you that they are going to be a safe place in storms. I think you’ve got devastation and destruction broken off Cornwall.

I want to go a little further with this and I might be stepping outside of what I’m supposed to prophesy, so weigh this one. But in the same sense, I do totally feel when I ask the Lord, there’s banners, there’s a beacon, there’s a light and you’re going to be that for people but I also see that, as you’re saying higher, I see the ability for you guys to see from this height and you’re going to speak to the storms. You’re going to release the ability to say “Be still, in Jesus’ name” My friend prophesies over storms “Up and over!” and they’ve gone up and over! So we just declare an anointing, that I feel is kind of a baby anointing, that is going to be birthed where you’re going to be able to not only see the storms and help people to get through the storms but be able to speak to the storms and say “Peace, be still!”

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