General information

Church name Redruth Seventh-day Adventist Church
Meeting place Adventist Church
Meeting address & postcode
Vogue Beloth, Illogan TR16 4EX
Days & times of services Saturdays Sabbath School 10.15 am; family worship 11.30am
Parking Unrestricted on-street parking
Public transport Bus stop in front of church
Contact information Pastor Chris Peake, tel. 07868 711912 or

What we believe

Denomination or other affiliation Seventh-day Adventist
Vision statement Under construction

How we worship

Nature of main Sunday service
Sabbath School is an open, friendly and informal discussion session, built around a topic from the Adult Sabbath School Lesson Guide ( It also features a focus on missionaries spot.
Family Worship is an evangelical service centred around a sermon, but with a children’s story.
Style of worship music Music style is a mix of hymns with some contemporary worship songs
Size of congregation Around 12
Description of a typical welcome on a Sunday Warm, friendly & informal

Activities principally for church members

Small group ministry Monthly small group meeting with meal in homes

Other information

Other information

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