Following a word from the Lord, at the end of 2013 GOD TV began its plans to build the Revival Prayer Centre in Plymouth, England, to become a ‘place of habitation’ for the Lord, a place where people could have personal encounters with Him.

GOD TV viewers from around the world have joined the GOD TV Team, many having sown financially, standing with them as they work towards making this vision a reality.

Much has happened since 2013, but the passion for and commitment to the Revival Prayer Centre has not changed. GOD TV are committed to the completion of this project debt free. It was God’s vision to begin with and they believe that He will open the right doors and provide the finances to complete this monumental project, in His time frame.

Please join GOD TV in trusting God that He will continue to guide their hands and bless this project that they may see many, many lives changed by His presence!

It is hoped that this interdenominational prayer centre will be fully operational by the end of 2018/early 2019.

For more news and developments and to watch the video about the progress of the building project visit

Please also pray for the continued opportunity GOD TV has to broadcast Christian programming this Christmas, not only into homes across Devon and Cornwall, but also into 280 million homes globally:

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