Rise Up Mentoring

Rise Up Mentoring

What is ‘Rise up’?

Rise Up is a one-year training and development programme for Christian teenagers that runs from October through to the following August. (Normally you need to be in Year 9 or above when you start Rise Up, but you may join the programme if you are aged 12 or over and your youth leader feels you will be able to cope.)

Rise Up is designed to help develop faith, character and leadership potential through four different types of activity:

  • Meeting with a personal mentor – you will usually meet every few weeks for an hour or two.
  • Working through a study guide – there are several to choose from, each with a different focus.
  • Attending a training day each term – you will normally attend the nearest ‘hub’ with your mentor.
  • Taking part in some form of short-term service – we will help you find something suitable.

Rise Up has been developed by South West Youth Ministries (SWYM) and Urban Saints and works together with Onelife and CPAS – four well-respected Christian organisations that share the same passion to see Christian young people become the new generation of leaders in our churches and communities.

Our vision is to help churches and youth organisations in the South West mentor a generation of young people into leadership in the next few years.

The mentoring takes place in your local setting focusing on your local needs, with Rise Up providing the safeguarding checks, materials, training and support.

For lots more information about all aspects of Rise Up, including the dates of training days near you, visit our website: www.riseupmentoring.org.uk. You can also download an information leaflet about Rise Up Mentoring.

Rise Up Mentoring is specifically focused on SW England. If you are interested in Rise Up please contact me, I would love to meet you.

Ray Thomas
Rise Up Coordinator
E-mail: ray@swym.org.uk / Tel.: 07795620280

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