Do you need healing?
Are you praying for a loved one to be healed?
Are you wanting to spend some quiet moments with God?

A Time for Healing is the latest release from violinist and worship leader Ruth Fazal.

Ruth writes: “This CD is very special to me, and I pray that you will find it to be the very thing you have been looking for, in order to persevere in prayer for healing, for yourself and for others. I created this for a dear friend, who is, at present, going through major treatment for cancer, and seeing God move in power in so many ways.

One day, when I was praying/playing my violin over her, I felt the Lord tell me to play a particular note. I didn’t really understand what this was about, but I knew that He was focusing on a particular part of her body as I played, and was healing that . Since that time, I have given much thought to the idea that each part of our bodies vibrates and responds to certain frequencies. We know this to be true scientifically. Without trying to understand it, or get into lengthy explanations of what I think might be happening, I simply decided to create a CD for healing, that takes us through every musical key ( of our western musical scale) and thus, focusing on each note in a particular way. By doing this, I believe that from ‘head to toe’ the music can, through the Holy Spirit, touch our bodies to bring life and healing.

On this CD there are also some scriptures that I am reading, to focus us on the truth of God’s word. I really pray that this CD will be something that you can use over and over, both for yourself and for those you are praying for.”

This CD is one continuous track, 50 minutes long, and is great for soaking in God’s presence. There are already reports of people being healed through listening to Ruth’s CD.  You can listen to an extract at

Read more about Ruth Fazal on her website at, and join the Ruth Fazal group on Facebook.

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