Tina Roach

Source: Tina Roach Ministries

I had a vision of smoldering coals.
I thought of how we used to use charcoal in grills before the use of electric grills came into being.

After the charcoal had been lit… many times the lid of the grill was lowered so the coals could slowly smolder and become the right temperature.

Then the lid was opened…the coals were stirred…and the air that was introduced in the stirring would cause the coals to become hotter and ready for use.

The interpretation that I received was that WE are the coals! The Lord has strategically placed us in places where He will use us to help fuel the Fire that is coming!

Many of us have been going through a season of the “lid being down.” We have been “smoldering” with a hidden fire burning within us.

But, the Lord has determined that the time is right…the temperature is right…and He is getting ready to “lift the lid!”

There will be a STIRRING that He will do within us…within His Church…that will cause the WIND of His Spirit to fan the flame into a blazing FIRE that He will use to bring about REVIVAL!!

Oh LORD!!! Breathe upon the smoldering coals! Fan the flame and may Your Fire burn deeply within us!! Stir us, Lord, and may Your Fire spread to all the earth!!

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