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We have decided to make UK newsletters bi-monthly to fit in with our other campaign and global updates. So from now on you will only hear from us every two months.

By now a lot of you have probably already heard our big news – after months of hush hush meetings with the Financial Times, STOP THE TRAFFIK have been voted as the Seasonal Appeal Charity for 2015-2016. This is such exciting news for us as it gives us a chance to reach a whole new audience. We would like to say a huge thank you to our team of dedicated volunteers who supported us through this time, especially those who helped us take over the Financial Times London office.

With warmest regards,

Amy Jasper
UK Coordinator



Anti-Slavery Day is coming up on the 18th of October and we would love to have all 4 of our UN GIFT Boxes out and about at events around the UK. This is the ideal time to be engaging with the public on human trafficking.
Interested in hosting a GIFT Box? Find out more in our resource section below!


SWAP, DON’t shop!

Thinking about updating your wardrobe? Skip the High Street, gather your friends together for a clothes swap party instead. It’s an easy, fun and cheap way to get a whole new wardrobe.

Ask your friends and family – Are you a Fashion Victim? 

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david cameron pledges to act on ‘shocking’ issue of trafficking of vietnamese children

Speaking in Hanoi on a recent diplomatic visit to Vietnam, David Cameron condemnded the exploitation of Vietnamese children by human traffickers, and promised to take action to end trade in human beings from Vietnam to the United Kingdom. Organised criminal networks recruit and transport Vietnamese nationals, especially children, to the United Kingdom and subject them to forced labour on cannabis farms. They are lured with promises of lucrative jobs and compelled into servitude through debt and bondage.
A number of organisations have stated that further measures are required to combat this issue. In the past children freed from cannabis farms have often been placed in care only to go missing within a matter of days. They often return to their traffickers because they are terrified of the threats that have been made against them.
STOP THE TRAFFIK welcome the introduction of Barnado’s Child Advocates, a pilot project underway in 23 local authorities that provides children with “someone they can trust” to break the cycle of trafficking.

To find out more about the Child Advocates Programme visit: http://www.barnardos.org.uk/cta.htm

See the full story here

UK Community Action:

just share event

On the 15th of July, STOP THE TRAFFIK Founder Steve Chalke and UK Community Network Coordinator Amy Jasper participated in a lively debate St James Church Piccadilly called: The Slaves Next Door: How do we fight human trafficking in London and beyond? Organised by JustShare, the panel also included speakers from Unseen UK, Andrew Wallis OBE, and the Revd Marcus Walker from The Global Freedom Network.

After a short presentation from each of the speakers, the panel took some very insightful questions from the audience. Issues raised included: what communities can do to protect themselves, slavery in our supply chains and what can goverments do to support vulnerable people.

STOP THE TRAFFIK greatly appreciate the invitation from JustShare and any opportunity to ensure that communities are equipped to safeguard themselves and are using their consumer powers wisely.



In July, STOP THE TRAFFIK India brought together 60 delegates in Delhi from around the country to come up with a collective strategy to prevent trafficking happening in their communities. Led by Pratibha Milton and Emmanuel Hospital Association, STOP THE TRAFFIK India are pioneering intelligence driven prevention work across the sub-continent which is known for its dizzyingly high rates of trafficking.

Our CEO Ruth Dearnley, along with our Global Knowledge Coordinator Neil Giles and Fuzz Kitto from STOP THE TRAFFIK Australia, attended the meeting. “It was a real highlight for me to see the energy and support for a prevention focused Indian network”, said Ruth. “This coalition will link inspired individuals across NGOs, enforcement and communities, to work to elevate and embody the prevention story.”

The development of this new coalition is a real testament to the hard work and vision of Pratibha and her team at Emmanuel Hospital Association. They were willing to walk the road to now see the possibilities that come with collaborations and partners to build resilient communities, develop national prevention strategies and campaigns and engage in the opportunities that come into engaging in utilising big data to disrupt and prevent trafficking. It is with great thanks and excitement that we watch this space; looking forward to a bright traffik-free future in India.

upcoming event:

Join us at Trust Women this year

   STOP THE TRAFFIK is delighted to be supporting the Trust Women Conference this year. The two-day event brings together global corporations, lawyers, government representatives, and pioneers in the field of women’s rights and anti-slavery. Trust Women is committed to find real solutions to empower women and to fight slavery worldwide. The event is attended by those in the frontlines but also global corporations, lawyers and government representatives, which the aim to forge tangible commitments to empower women worldwide.

This year Trust Women will take place in London on 17-18 November in London. The first day will focus on education, including looking at cutting edge initiatives, practical skills and on-the-job career development. The second day will be dedicated to human trafficking and slavery, with a specific focus on slavery in the supply chain. A special panel is dedicated to women and ISIS.

Click here to register for the conference now. Don’t forget to add your registration code:

For more information, please see here.

Questions? Please contact Monika Holc on monika.holc@thomsonreuters.com


New Resource:

Clothes Swap Pack

Our Clothes Swap pack gives you all the information on how to host a Clothes Swap to raise awareness and funds for our Make Fashion Traffik Free campaign. Download it today to take a look!

New Resource:

GIFT Box information pack

Fancy hosting a GIFT Box with your community or church group? Here’s our information pack with all the details of how to go about it. Download it now!
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