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TAG logo The TAG website is a resource for youth workers, leaders and young people, developed by and connecting youth workers across the south-west.

TAG’s vision is to help young people realize and reach their full potential; to see them become who God intended them to be…. TAG seeks to engage with youth, to inspire their generation to live like Jesus, to be missional expressions in their day-to-day life, and to explore their relationship with their creator. To do this, TAG seeks to train, equip and envision youth leaders and volunteers to invest intentionally into their youth through training and coaching.

The TAG website is an innovative online resource based initiative, created to practically carry out TAG’s vision by providing an interactive platform for young people to engage with, and a tool for youth leaders and volunteers to use.

It takes 1% of the population to create momentum and 10% of the population to create a movement. TAG already connects so many youth workers, leaders and young people – why not join them and become a part of the TAGnetwork partnering together to invest well into young people, disciples who make disciples to see the Transformation of A Generation.

Check out the website: www.tagnetwork.co.uk. If you like TAG, why not join them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/TAGnetworkSW

TAG developer and youth worker Alex Yarlett explains more about TAG:

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