Creation Fest has been impacting those attending from the moment it landed in Cornwall in 2009. I have personally come across people who, in different years, were invited along to enjoy the music, attended some of the teaching and were significantly impacted by the authority of the Bible and the love of Jesus Christ. These were people who had occasionally been to church and enjoyed it but for whom the full impact of the gospel had not really hit them before. It is these testimonies of Gods Word and the love of Christ demonstrated by those involved in Creation Fest that has such an amazing impact and makes Creation Fest so unique.

Every year I am personally impressed by how significant the love of Jesus is in the lives of the teachers, musicians and even volunteer at Creation Fest. The cost of bringing Creation Fest to Cornwall is significant, with only a small proportion of it met by Christians in Cornwall. Volunteers pay their own air-fare from the States to come over and bless us here in Cornwall. They really love what they do and they love the people they have come to serve. If ever I saw Christ in anyone, it is in these guys at Creation Fest. And their vision, very simply, is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through contemporary Christian music and to see Christians established in the basics of Christianity, with the authority of the scripture proclaimed and Churches brought together in unity. Whatever is reaped here in Cornwall is added to the churches here in Cornwall. There is no jealousy over the harvest, it all belongs in the Kingdom of God and it is the Kingdom of God which advances every summer on the Royal Cornwall Showground in Wadebridge. A number of local churches are already involved and Creation Fest has been a real blessing and a reaping ground for them, but there’s plenty of room for more!

This year a friend shared how he had led someone to the Lord. His surprise was that it was so natural even though he had never done it before. The love of God here is so contagious!

For a selection of teaching from last year’s Creation Fest click here

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