24-7 has become one of the most radical prayer movements of our time. What started as a month of continual prayer in a room in the shadow of Chichester Cathedral has self-seeded itself so that 24-7 prayer rooms are springing up, not only all over the UK, but throughout the world. As people get involved in 24-7 prayer it is striking how they become transformed – one young girl was thrilled at how she could feel herself changing more and more each time she gets involved in a 24-7 prayer week.

The 24-7 Prayer Manual shares these experiences of those who get involved, the history of 24-7 prayer in earlier generations, the practicalities of setting up and running a 24-7 prayer room, the 5 keys to 24-7 (S.M.I.L.E.)(or training for those who want to be involved).

“His whisper is much louder in here” (Jen, age 13)

“24-7 is making history as an unstoppable global prayer movement, and has caught the imagination of a rising generation…..This brilliant book will inspire you with practical help on how to establish 24-7 in your own community.” (Dr Patrick Dixon, Director of Global Change Ltd and author of Futurewise)

Back cover: From the Upper Room of Pentecost and ancient Celtic monasteries via the Moravian hundred-year prayer meeting and the outrageously inter-racial prayer room of Azusa Street right up to the modern day 24-7 phenomenon, non-stop prayer has marked some of the church’s most astonishing moments. Now you can be part of it.

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