Source: Chris Bennett, December 2011

I once heard this and I was so impacted by it that I wrote it down. This afternoon, the Lord brought it to my remembrance and spoke it to me once again. “The candlestick is being taken from the big ministries and given back to the unknown ones” He added that, “A candle burns longer than a match, gives out more light, and more heat too.” Wondering where this was leading rather than what this was about, I pressed in for more.

One match may light 4 or 5 candles, but one candle can light many, many other candles. One very small fire can light many other fires and together they can unite to become an inferno. Revival starts with one small candle burning brightly. That one small candle lights a larger fire than itself which, in turn and if left alone, spreads to other places where fire starts and the two fires grow towards each other. Eventually, they meet, grow, and start more fires – thats how revival spreads.

The candlestick represents the first flame of revival which is then used to start a much greater and more intense fire. Look what happened in Wales and in Azusa Street. The small fires started there spread like wildfire until thousands were swept into the Kingdom. Yet, despite their obvious successes, these two major revivals burned only locally with some small exceptions – certainly nothing as major as the originals.

So, what is meant now by the expression, “The candlestick is being taken from the big ministries and given back to the unknown ones”? Has there been an opportunity for revival that has somehow been missed? Have we had opportunities for something more than a local outbreak of Holy Spirit activity? I don’t know the definitive answer to these questions, but I do know what the Lord is saying now, and that seems to point the way to an answer for us.

I believe the Lord is saying this, “As the larger churches and ministries did nothing with renewal bar keeping it to themselves – revival will be entrusted to smaller churches and ministries who will reach out with revival and actively spread it around so that the flames of revival can spread quickly and effectively for My Kingdom.” This is quite easy to understand. Previously, revival has appeared to stick in one spot because of the lack of communications capability such as we have now. However, in previous revivals, the centre of revival stayed the centre and did not reach out to spread the fire. Nowadays, however, with communication like web-casting, and global TV, there is every opportunity to spread the fire.

But why has it not happened? Probably because the Lord’s timing was not our timing and His plans were not our plans. Even though the “Bay of the Holy Spirit revival” currently going around America has reached out to other cities and churches, it has still only scratched the surface. We have not seen massive numbers flooding into the Kingdom although there have been some. The emphasis seems once again to have been on healing.

The coming revival, when it breaks, will, I believe, break out in several smaller churches simultaneously. It will be marked by high numbers of salvations and healings will be present. However, the speed at which it spreads will astonish many who do not believe such things are even possible in this day. Thousands will literally be swept into the Kingdom and many miraculous healings and salvations will be noted. The small churches will be forced to hold almost continuous services 24/7 and many larger ones will throw their doors and facilities open to those who carry the fire.

This will not be limited to any one country either, as it will spread, again through the smaller churches and ministries, across continents. Nowhere will be immune. Nothing will stop it and millions will come in. Literally millions of those who presently abhor Christianity will turn to Jesus Christ and no amount of persecution will stay the tide.

Do you see it coming? Praise God and hallelujah, it is on its way. How long will it last? Only the Lord knows that.

Chris Bennett
December 2011

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