God is currently moving in an unusual and powerful way through signs, wonders, miracles, and salvations in San Diego California through the ministry of Jerame and Miranda Nelson and Joshua and Janet Mills. Dubbed “The Fire & Glory Outpouring”. You can find details about it on the Internet: for myself I believe this is a pre-cursor to something much bigger which I’m excited about so I wanted to let you know.

The background is that it seems there has been a move of God every 11 years in North America dating back to the Azusa Street Revival in 1906. The 11-year intervals fall on the 1950 Healing Movement, the 1961 Charismatic Renewal, the 1972 Jesus People Movement and the 1983 Third Wave Charismatic Movement. 1994 had the Toronto Blessing and 11 years later there would have been a movement that actually did start around 2005 with unusual signs of God’s glory such as gold fillings appearing in people’s mouths and gold dust and gemstones appearing supernaturally in meetings. But the move never went global as God intended and it was cut short.

In 2016 Dr. James W. Goll prophesied that God the Father was about to release the “West Coast Rumble” and that the Father was going to release revival fire from Tijuana, Mexico, all the way up the coast to Vancouver, Canada. He began to prophesy that God would visit all of the major port cities on the West Coast with revival. He added “The Fire of God is going to fall in San Diego first, and when it does, God the Father is going to step His right foot down out of Heaven and put it on the West Coast of America. When He does, it will no longer be called the left coast but the blessed coast”. Dr. James W. Goll went on to say that miracles would be easy and the harvest plentiful.

Jerame Nelson comments “we have seen God doing amazing miracles. There have been people flocking to the meetings every night, and God has been doing amazing miracles. Several cases of stage 4 cancer have been healed, glaucoma healed, metal plates and pins that had been surgically inserted into people’s bodies have dissolved, deaf ears are hearing, deformities from birth are being healed, and many are getting saved, reconciled to God, and filled with the Holy Ghost. Signs and wonders have manifested, but most importantly, the tangible presence of God is thick in every single meeting.”

Exciting times: a rising tide raises all ships!!!!


Jeremy Britton, Open Heaven

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