Despite decades of legislation, women are still straitjacketed into subservient roles. Girls still “dumb down” in order to catch a good-looking guy. From Barbies to burqas to Botox, women are offered models which stifle their development.

The Church need to stand against such practices. Danielle Strickland argues that it should seize the lead in offering women everywhere- especially younger women- new opportunities to develop their talents.

The Liberating Truth is an amazing book, easy to read and inspiring. Part One presents Danielle’s views on how women are treated and how she dealt with it in her own life, the places she’s visited and people she’s spoken to about women and how they are treated in different parts of the world and other religions. Part Two is about how Jesus treated women, what it says in the Bible about women and linking it to life.

This book made me think about how we as women should be treated equally in everything to men and empowers me to think how I can help others.

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