Prayer TentThe Prayer Tent is there every month in Truro and Falmouth to take the loving Word of God onto the streets and to encourage through prayer or take prayer requests from those they speak to.

Truro: Lemon Quay every 3rd Saturday in the month.
Falmouth: First Saturday of the month, on the Moor in the centre of town.

The small team of evangelists carry out a prayer survey amongst the passers by, whilst the prayer ministry team stay in the tent and pray. The teams have received over 700 prayer requests and over 200 people have come into the tent, to sit down and ask for prayer. We have seen people make a commitment to the Lord and seen people healed by His sovereign power.

We always get a warm welcome from the traders around us and from the passers by who now know we will be there and have their prayer requests at the ready sometimes even before we have finished setting up! Some Saturdays are busy, others are quiet but whatever the day brings we all feel a sense of the Lord’s pleasure to see His church out in the town declaring who He is.


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