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The Training Centre is delighted to announce details of the Nazarene Theological College’s autumn Module at the Training Centre in Pool – another chance to engage with accessible, degree level theology in West Cornwall!

The Story of God

This course unit is designed to introduce the grand narrative of scripture with its focus on the mission of God from creation to the new heaven and earth.

Many of us have come to faith and grown up with the habit of dipping in and out of scripture. What is sometimes harder to grasp and engage with is the ‘bigger picture’ – God’s grand narrative of intervention in human life. This module is a chance to get to grips with the recurring themes that weave through scripture, God’s presence in his creation and the unfolding story of his revelation and faithful plan to not only rescue his people but renew his creation. How is Jesus in all this? How does the Red Sea story foreshadow Baptism? Will heaven really just be the best of everything we now know? How does this connect with our lives here in Cornwall in the 21st century? This module will help us start to think through all these and many other aspects of our walk with God.

Theology means literally ‘talking about God’, or, as we put it ‘Faith seeking understanding’. Theology is the academic subject within which Christians study the bible, God’s message and revelation of himself to us and how we should individually and corporately react to this. The church needs theologians! All pastors and ministers do some form of theological training in preparation for ministry but it should not just be left to the ‘professionals’. Theology underpins our worship, small groups, outreach, and pastoral care – in fact every aspect of our corporate church life. If you have ever wondered ‘why we do what we do’, or indeed, had a hunger to go deeper in your understanding of scripture and how we live in response to God, this programme is for you.

Note: This module can be accessed as a ‘stand alone’ learning experience OR as part of the NTC Certificate in Theology. All students receive the same lectures and teaching input. Those taking this module as a ‘stand alone’ experience (called ‘Auditing’) pay a reduced fee of £90. Those on the NTC course will pay the full £225, are mandated to attend lectures and will complete the assessments. This module does not require essay writing but assessment is by weekly reading and article review.

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Nigel Argall
Centre Director


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