Prophetic Word received from Nathalie Doss Benson, a trusted, prophetic voice and friend of ours from Minneapolis US, during a training and envisioning gathering with Yinka Oyekan for leaders in Cornwall. 49 leaders representing 24 churches were present and we were privileged to read out this word shortly after it arrived on my phone around 1pm.

“I woke up at 4:00am our time this morning (10am UK time, which was the start time of the gathering in Cornwall) with you guys (Jeremy and Yvette, Open Heaven and The Turning) on my heart. I can’t help but think what you guys are headed into today is VERY strategic. I feel like Yinka is opening not just a door, but more like a portal over your entire region (Cornwall). Even now I see angels on assignment from heaven lining your entire region at attention, waiting for what is about to be released.

I see all of you partnering with God today. I am assured you will see great and mighty things today with both sets of eyes. However, even if you don’t see one single thing you MUST know today is a divine appointment and many of the great cloud of witnesses have been waiting for this day in heaven. They are outside of time, but this moment is important to them as there has been several called before the throne of God in this moment and they are joining Jesus on the floor, on the their faces before God in great intercession for your area. I don’t know who they are but they are great intercessors and Jesus is our ultimate intercessor. They are coming before God and reminding Him that today is the day.

Today it was predestined that something would lose it’s legal authority over your area and I do believe that Yinka is the catalyst for a large “dethroning” or “unseating” of something whose time is up in that region. I do believe that is why so many angels are heading into your area at the present moment even because they are attracted to this time and to see this happen.

God’s glory is coming to Cornwall. Watch and See. Rest, Trust, Obey. Let go of control and watch and see just HOW GOOD God can be.

This is so amazing! I am standing here with my mouth on the floor as I type these things to you. My heart is pounding in my chest because the realisation of how big today is for you guys is hitting me. This is a cultural, reforming shift taking place today. It’s not about how many people attend, however, those in attendance will actually go down in history as being a part of what happens today not just on earth but in the annals of heaven.

I am so incredibly excited for you all. Wow! Blessings to you and may God’s full purposes be brought to life today as you meet, and as all of heaven joins with you to bring a great release in your region. Amen! and Wow!”

Nathalie Benson
The Housechurch, Minneapolis, Minnesota. US

Nathalie and a team will be in Cornwall with us at Open Heaven on Friday 7th April to share and minister. Online registrations will open later this month so keep an eye on your emails and posts on Facebook or contact us if you would like more information.

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