Family holiday

Quiet retreat

On the cliffs 3 miles from Fowey

No electricity

No cars

No phone

The Watch House belongs to the National Trust and has been leased to my family for over 50 years. Ruth and I would love to make it available for friends, Church members and others who feel it’s the place for them. This is on a personal basis, with a contribution towards expenses being charged.

The Watch House is perched above a small cove and there are further rocky and sandy coves in each direction. There are no other buildings on this stretch of the coast. Access is via the coastal footpath with the help of a wheelbarrow. It sleeps up to 5 in bunks. There is Calor gas which fuels a cooker, a water heater and a temperamental fridge. Paraffin lamps and candles provide light and there is an open fire fuelled by drift wood. There is mains running water and a flush loo. The Watch House offers basic facilities but is perfect for those who enjoy simple comforts and can deal with the practical arrangements.

If you are interested in using it, please get in touch with Ruth or William Trinick on 01326 373695 or

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