The Word of the Lord – Azusa Now
Arthur Blessitt and the Well
A particularly poignant moment at Azusa Now was moment the leaders united to lay the stones in the well. The segment was opened up by Arthur Blessitt carrying the cross and placing it in the middle of the well. After he had done this, we the church leaders went forth one by one to lay down the stones. I had the honour of laying the final stone.

As I was making my way towards the stage, I noticed a situation happening in front of me. A young lady holding a crying baby was also approaching the stage. She was so keen to be part of what was happening that she wasn’t paying enough attention to the young child in her care.
It was so windy that the cap on the boy’s head had blown on to the ground. Also, instead of pausing to put the child’s coat on properly, she had put the coat on the ground. Someone picked up the coat and gave it to her, but she turned around and gave it to me. Even after taking back the coat, she didn’t put it on the child properly. I found this quite disturbing and God would later speak to me about what I had witnessed.

After we eventually got on to the stage, I laid the stone I had carried down. The task was complete and it was time for Arthur Blessitt to speak. However, the microphone that had been called for did not immediately work. Suffice it to say that for the next few minutes, everyone was frantically trying to correct this. Again, he tried to speak but the microphone still would not work properly. When the issue was finally resolved, Arthur Blessitt launched into sharing his incredible story. He testified of his suffering and awe-inspiring journey of carrying the cross through every nation of the world. What he had to say was both moving and powerful in the time he had. When I returned to my seat, I began to ponder over all that had transpired in the preceding moments. The Lord later began to unveil to me the meaning of what took place.

Arthur Blessitt and the Well  – The Meaning
I felt the Lord was saying that the reason behind Arthur Blessitt sharing his testimony and suffering was significant. He is a man wholly focussed on and devoted to the One who mandated him. He is not one who would abandon that mandate when the going gets tough. As Arthur Blessitt shared, we heard his testimony of having been imprisoned, shot at, beaten and abused for the sake of the mandate God gave him. Yet in all these things, he so identified with the message of the cross that he never left his post.

The Lord also revealed that in the very same way that Arthur Blessitt put the cross in the midst of the well and all eyes were fixated upon it, the church needs to once again look to the cross.  The church needs to know the Person of the cross and what He stands for. The church needs to preach and represent the cross in a radical way. `

The stones that were laid down blocked the well of contention, racism and division that has caused so much sickness in the Body of Christ in seasons past. There existed so much division and confusion but that well is now blocked and a new well has been erected.

Out of this new well, a new prophetic sound is arising from what the Lord is calling a Jesus movement of those that are moved by Him alone. Arthur Blessitt’s microphone not working the second time around indicates the need to not rush but to exercise patience for this new sound to emerge.
The Lord also revealed that many well known prophetic and prayer voices may not currently feel much direction or unction in prayer. This is because God is driving many back to the message of the cross. After looking intently to the cross, the mandates will begin to flow. The people of God will go forth in the strength and power of Elijah, Elisha, and Joshua – in great power and authority.
The Lord would say the process of time will not be long and drawn out before the answers to our prayers begin to come with such power in the presence of God. Even now the signs are there; whenever the Body of Christ gets together something significant is taking place. There are people that God has majorly marked to the point that in the midst of where they are, their very presence in a place shifts the atmosphere.

Let us watch and give the glory to God as He performs these signs. Yes, as we look to the cross we will learn to steward precious Holy Spirit in our midst in a greater way.

The Young Lady and The Baby – The Meaning
The Lord also spoke to me about the situation I had noticed happening with the young woman holding the baby. The baby represented the gift that has been given.  The inattentive nature in which the lady was handling the baby reflects so many people who are not stewarding the anointing on their life correctly. Although it is good to be excited about what is to come, one must take care of what is already in their hands.

Also, a person exposing their gifts in the wrong place causes the real provision that is to sustain the gift to be hindered from coming through. It is misuse of destiny. A word of caution, there the many people who are happy to receive the prophetic words but do absolutely nothing with them. Only good stewardship brings increase and God is calling His church to walk in this principle. He wants His people to know when to protect what God has given them and not overexpose it. He wants us to use our gifts and talents wisely, being mindful of the treasure we carry.

In His Love and Mine,
Reverend Betty King

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