Then Sings My Soul

Then Sings My Soul




    • Classic Hymns
    • Excellent Choral Singing


    • Mainly one style
    • 40 Tracks

    About this album

    As a follow up to the successful “Love So Amazing”, TV presenter Pam Rhodes brings together another 40 of her favourite hymns, alongside inspirational reflections and stories behind their meaning. These beloved hymns are performed by some of the best choirs in the country.

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    As a modern Christian it is very easy to chase things that are new. There are new ways of doing church, new expressions of worship and new styles of music and it is very easy to dismiss what has gone before. I was brought up in a church that loved hymns and I am extremely grateful for this, because there is a lot of good teaching in many (but not all) of them. Modern worship leaders like Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin and Kim Walker-Smith have been turning back to the hymns to give some of them a new lease of life, often incorporating phrases and choruses into their releases. There is a wealthy legacy hidden away in those little hymn books that have been superseded in many of our churches by projectors.

    Having said all that this album of hymns chosen by Pam Rhodes is very much in the “Songs Of Praise” territory as you would expect. These are not modern arrangements and there is not a guitar to be heard. In fact these are mainly organ accompanied choral recordings. They are in their own way absolutely beautiful, but I have to admit that they really aren’t my cup of tea. As a Cornish man, we are like the Welsh when it comes to hymns, we like gusto, enthusiasm and expression! Much as it isn’t my taste I recognise the talent and the beauty of the harmonies that are arranged here.

    If you were looking for 40 hymns that have truly stood the test of time then this CD is as good a selection as any. There are songs on here that many would recognise as Christmas Carols, but these are every bit as valid as any other hymn on this collection. There are also some surprises like “Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho”, “If Any Little Word Of Mine” and “Little Drops Of Water” that are on here.

    If you like the traditional hymns sung by capable choirs then this is definitely a recording to pick up. If you already have a few recordings from the London Fox Choir then probably there is no need to buy this, as most (but not all) tracks are from this particular choir. If you would like to know why Pam Rhodes picked these particular hymns then there is an accompanying book that can be purchased on the link above for £9.98 (price correct at time of writing).

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