Unbroken By Julie Elias

Unbroken By Julie Elias




    • Excellent range of styles
    • Brilliant positive message


    • Primarily for a female audience

    Album Information:

    Julie’s newest album, “Unbroken” is not only a new project full of original songs, it is meant to be a companion for the Aurora Conference. Songs have been created based on topics teens face every day – and lets face it, these issues are NOT limited to just teenagers! With pop influences like Sara Bareilles, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood and CCM styles like Kerrie Roberts and Francesca Battistelli Julie’s musical style on “Unbroken” is fun, energetic and most importantly, unique to whom God created her to be!


    Julie Elias may be a familiar face for you, if you have watched “Grey’s Anatomy” she had a recurring extra role in that series as well as a number of other US TV Shows. Her life was about making it as an actress and she has confessed she never ever thought that she would be a worship or music artist. God had other plans and “Unbroken” is her 4th album which was released September 2015. The acting career left her feeling empty, but now with her music career she knows she is making a difference. Songs on this album deal with a whole series of issues, particularly those encountered by teenage girls.

    Don’t stop reading just because you aren’t a teenage girl! Although the issues are those that are common to this demographic there is definitely plenty of wisdom here for all of us, regardless of age or gender!

    Although often artists don’t like to be put into a box for their style, this is definitely a contemporary pop album. However this is a wide category and Julie explores quite a few aspects. Consequently each song on this album feels different from the last one – there is some great variety here.

    Overall this is an album that kept me listening. I kept coming back to some songs again and again. “Home” and “Unbroken” are two that really stand out. Another song that is brilliant that I haven’t mentioned so far is “Breathing Room” which is about forgiveness. Check out the video above which really brings the power of the song to light!

    Julie has a great voice which lends itself to all the different styles from Disney princess(!) through to Rock Chick in some of these tracks. This is a nicely varied album which is a change to some of the albums I have listened to recently. Julie has a ministry to teen girls and there are a great range of issues dealt with on this album, she specifically also does topic based concerts which will resonate on issues like beauty, rejection and relationship. I understand that she is also appearing in the UK later this year for the fabulous Innocence conference for girls. They will be in for a treat!

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