Received September 9th 2012,

 ‘Encounter’ evening Truro with Jon Oloyede of National Day of Prayer

As  Christians we were gathered and proclaiming the name of Jesus and lifting His name high. During this time I saw a vision, which went on for several minutes.

Initially, all across Cornwall, I saw dishevelled angels rising up through the earth. They were shaking themselves off and rearranging clothing and armour. They seemed to be responding to our declarations of the Lordship of Jesus.  Soon, however, they were radiant and alert, fully kitted out. They had gleaming golden swords drawn in their right hands and all were lifted towards heaven.  The angels were so thick that I couldn’t see any of the land mass of Cornwall. They covered all of it, shoulder to shoulder. They were facing north, as they lifted their swords to heaven.  Each of them was about 9 foot tall.

Then I saw another angel. This one was HUGE.  It stood with its feet either side of the peninsula of Cornwall. (I’ve seen similar angels astride each of the Scilly Isles but never across Cornwall before).  The ankles were level with cliff tops and its head was up in the clouds, it felt like in heaven.  I watched as this large angel took an arrow and shot it heavenwards. On the arrow was written the message, ‘The church is now ready’.

Throughout this vision I was also aware that Jesus was dancing across the land of Cornwall in a dance of sheer delight and abandon. There was such a joy in his movement, as he twirled and spun around.  I also watched him bend down ministering lovingly to people throughout the dance.

As the congregation was declaring His majesty and glory, I found myself saying over and over again, ‘Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming’ with a profound sense of expectation and joy.

(In a previous vision many years ago, I saw angels rising from the land in a similar manner and line up on the north coast of Cornwall, looking expectantly towards Ireland and Wales. Suddenly there was a rush and white angels on white horses charged from Ireland and Wales, right across Cornwall and onto the France. Friends in Ireland have seen a similar vision and people in Wales have confirmed immense angelic activity).

I believe the Lord is encouraging us that the move of God we have been praying for is imminent and to be expectant in faith.

Kathy Laity

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