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I received the following vision during the revival in Lakeland. I heard an angel tell me to concentrate and press in, during worship, to receive the vision in its fullness. Whatever we think of what happened at Lakeland, I believe God is once again moving and much of what he released in this vision has already come to pass including the financial crash and the Arab uprising.

However, with what is happening in Africa right now, I believe the rest is relevant and particularly what relates to us here in the UK.  Be blessed

Kathy Laity, May 2013.

Vision received during worship   21st July 2008, Lakeland Florida

I saw Jesus come as a huge lion and he started walking very deliberately across the nations of the world. I saw him walking steadily and in no hurry, paw by paw.

Then I could see men in suits defiantly standing in his way.  They looked about 2” high compared to his size.  They were shouting at him, arrogantly. (It seemed they were financiers or city people – this was before the first banking crisis).  He just kept on walking and some of these men went under his paws, others fled in terror.

I began to see skyscrapers and Manhatten and the Statue of Liberty.  Then the whole ground shook and many buildings shook/crumbled. This was followed by a huge wave engulfing Manhatten. (simultaneously I thought of the revival of the Jews prophesied for eastern coast USA).  [ I don’t know whether this was a literal earthquake or figurative]

The lion moved on.  He went to Russia.  I saw him gather a large mud ball from the earth in his paw.  I watched a while as he just held it, then he seemed to throw it directly south and it became a highway.  (I looked on the map later and Israel is directly south of Moscow). I saw many coming to walk on it leaving Russia – they were Jews and some Christians.  He seemed to suddenly hurry them and I saw the road disappear instantly and then there was great lamenting, Rachel weeping for her children.  ( I sensed many didn’t get out and that death followed).

The lion moved on to Siberia.  He stayed awhile encouraging and warming the Christians there.

On to China.  I saw huge lion paw prints right across the earth of China.  Then multitudes of people rushing to him and hiding themselves in his belly and fur.  Then there was a great thrusting out of these Christians, especially directly west and east.  I saw 3 different moves to the west, parallel to each other and the same to the east and there seemed to be 2 great times of thrusting out.  They went out running and fast.

Then I saw Tibet and possibly Northern China and I saw many temples.  I watched and the ground just opened up and swallowed all these temples.

The lion leapt then to Australia and NZ, landing very briefly but breathing fire which erupted.

He then leapt over to India and I watched India submerge under water.  It seemed to just sink.  Many hands of the dying rose up imploring from the water. I was querying God about the Christians and I saw the lion’s paw gather and lift them high above the flood to safety.

Next I saw the lion in the Middle East.  He kissed Israel as he passed by and paced around her borders roaring at the encroaching nations.

Then he went to the Arab nations and his claws were drawn out.  He ripped into these nations and I saw striations of blood on the land.  But I knew it was his blood’s mercy dealing with the Arabic world.

I saw a mighty statue (strong man) which I presumed to be Islam. It reached high to the sky.  The lion passed by and tore it apart effortlessly.

Then I saw the UK and it was gushing fountains of fresh water and streams were pouring out from it across Europe and then I saw the USA and there were many, many waters, fountains and exuberant sources of life giving water.

Africa.  The lion put his paw down on the whole continent and drew a big heart around the continent.  He licked it and breathed life over it.  His eyes were towards it.  He was watching intently small lights/fires all over the continent and every time a new fire was lit he breathed extra life on it and it exploded into an inferno until all the fires joined together and the continent was ablaze.

I saw the rest of Europe in darkness but the water from the UK  & USA came from the west, streams from Scandanavia from the north, fire from Africa from the south and the runners from China from the east. When they all converged Europe exploded like a volcano.  There was a great shaking in eastern, middle and southern Europe.  I saw Mary, queen of heaven cracking and falling. She smashed.  Then the capped wells burst open and fresh water was released.

The lion was once again in Israel and lifted high above Jerusalem and I saw his bride being drawn to him.

The Lord then seemed to say into my spirit – when you see this happen in New York, you will know this sequence of events is beginning.  The time is now, the time is soon.  Watch and be ready.  Be ready for the influx of my people from the west and from the north.  Arms open. Be ready.

Kathy Laity

July 2008


Ps: soon after this the credit crash started, with the failing of banks including Lehman Brothers and Northern Rock. We have since seen the bloodbaths in Egypt, Syria and other middle eastern countries.


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