By Andrew Pearkes, 2007.

I saw a man with a large seed basket, with the strap around his neck. He was casting seed to the left and to the right, with his left and right hand, one and then another… Then I saw giant angels doing the same, but it was miles in each direction. They were walking about twenty miles apart, yet they were side by side, the length of our country, from the north of Scotland to the very south of England. They were sowing seeds of salvation and revival for the coming harvest. I see evangelists that are not saved yet, eighty per cent of all the evangelists are yet to be saved… I see a violent and great anointing coming on them, coming out, being drawn out of sin and death – propelled into ministries, hitting the ground running. God is taking them all the way out of sin and all the way into Him. Holy Spirit terrorists with a message of love, such raw power on the streets everywhere, anywhere.

I see God drawing together to build, God is in the building business. I see key people being raised up, nobodies, and doors opening. God is moving people around, they will move, they have moved and some are moving right now, like chess pieces – in and out and up and down. Key people, broken people – people who have surrendered and allowed God to transform them. People who have been crucified with Christ and they no longer live but Christ lives in them. People who are as “unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground it dies, it remains only a single seed, but if it dies it produces many seeds”. These people have been through a dying process. A time of multiplication no longer addition is coming.

I see prophets who are hidden in the dark in caves they are dormant, asleep as in hibernation. God is saying “COME OUT” and a wind suddenly brings them alive. “Come out, now is the time to run with me throughout this land.”

I see people who are broken who have been so hurt in the church. They look as though they have been beaten up, on the outside and on the inside and they are coming back to the heart of God. They are singing a new song, they are dancing and they are so expectant. I see God building an army of once broken, healed up people. I see plans and purposes written down since the beginning of time, many plans and blueprints on a vast table. His house, his ways – a new design, a new reformation. Young and old no longer limping and bleeding but healed up and flying in the purposes of God. A bride made ready having fallen in love with Jesus…

I see doors opening which have been locked up for generations. I see unity, real unity not just lip service. I see repentance and weeping and then a joining together… bonding, glued together like a well-made carpentry joint with lots of glue. I see new joints and ligaments. I see God moving in raw power so quickly that many miss it. I see denominations working together even Catholics and Pentecostals. I see visitations and demonstrations of power, signs and wonders. There are signs pointing to Him where they have never been before. Many will come to Him in these days but others will say “This is not God”.

I see bridge builders, building bridges between denominations. There is a giant sign on the bridge “MAKE READY FOR THE DAY OF MY POWER”.

I have heard the cries of this nation and my salvation is coming. I am still shaking the church until it conforms to my plan. I sent Jesus that you might be one body, a warrior bride in these last days. So come to me and fall in love with me and let me be your passion, you are my bride. I hear weeping and sobbing in the air over this nation as hearts are melted and wills are changed and broken towards me…

I see angels coming and commissioning ministries, prophesying over people and these men and women and young people are being set on fire, they are running in their calling. For the day of man ordaining man is at an end for I am the I am and I will commission angels to deliver anointings upon my people. No longer your will but mine, no longer by might nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord. For I choose the weak the broken and those who feel unworthy. I see the eye of God searching out those who say “yes I will go, I will do what you ask of me”.

The coming revival will not be like the Hebrides or Welsh revivals, it will be a move of God’s presence. Not just a visitation but a habitation. I will be seen in the clouds there will be wind and rain and fire, people will know it is God. When you see a shaking and a collapse of things as they are, know that it is God for things are about to change. I see towns and cities, churches and meetings and visitations of the Holy Spirit. I see fire and wind, people say “what is it?” just like Pentecost. Then like Peter at Pentecost men will say “it is God – repent”. It is then that the prophets will point the nation to Jesus. I see the words good news on television. I see those who know they need a doctor coming in and queuing up to find Jesus – saying “what have I got to do to be saved?”. I see doors opening up -church doors, doors of halls, gates of football stadiums, long, long queues 100’s… 1000’s…10,000… 100000 weeping. Over the doors is a sign saying “free entry – already paid in full”. I see so many on their knees weeping in his presence, angels dancing fully employed having a ball.

I see young prophets 5, 6, 7, 10 year olds and teenagers being raised up and being planted into schools, colleges and universities. I see schools of prophet are young and old weeping together, learning to proclaim what they see in the spirit… intercession and prophecy. God will not do anything until He has revealed it to his servants the prophets and they will proclaim Him throughout the land. The prophets will call in the prodigals and they will begin to come into the kingdom. They will call in those who are dead in their hearts, those who are lost and blind and those who are dying, the rejected and broken ones and they will come into to his Kingdom. For the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations. I see prophets inviting the lost to a banquet, the invitation says “come and receive Jesus, come home to my house”. They will usher in the revival. The prophets will be like ushers at a wedding… ushers at the wedding.

I see revival harvest of whole villages, towns, cities and nations, tribes and people groups. I see presidents and people of power repenting and humbling themselves before their people, they say Jesus is the only way. I see prophets anointing new kings, presidents and rulers, as appointed by God. I hear a wind coming a wind called Love. Many will say “I don’t want this” and they will point the finger of religion and say “this is not God”.

I see so many being drawn to passionate worship and praise, falling in love with Jesus and the angels are joining in. I see revivals in the schools, young leaders in their teens and churches of 20, 100, 500 inside schools and so many signs and wonders. I see television and newspaper headlines, they show good news everywhere, headlines changing and a national excitement of hope and repentance as in 1945. I see from above front rooms, bedrooms, offices, factories, boardrooms, I see shady dealings, hidden sin, dishonest deals and crimes in the dark. Places where sin abounds, I see tongues of fire coming into the darkest places. I see the fear of the Lord upon the face of sin and so many coming out of darkness into the light. I get the words – “The son of righteousness with healing in His wings”.

Source: Andrew Pearkes. Transcript from Watchmen in the West:

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