About 10 years ago we began to have amongst Brazilian churches the same manifestations of the Holy Spirit that we have been having in the UK. People falling in the Spirit, sometimes shaking, and even some very unusual signs like people receiving golden fillings in their teeth (thousands for many months), golden dust falling over the believers, aromatic oil dripping from people’s hands in prayer meetings, etc. However, it was just part of the process God was developing within the Church. It led the Church to go outside with boldness, praying for and with unbelievers everywhere, and bringing friends neighbours and relatives to Christian meetings. Hundreds started to be saved every day.

Although we don’t see multitudes being saved in the UK yet, we recognize that the same process that we saw in Brazil is happening here. We have the presence of God being manifested from north to south, and a growing willingness to go to the lost. News of increasing numbers of people being saved is coming from many places, usually through Alpha Courses, Kids’ Churches, house groups or outreach events.

We believe that God is opening the heavens over the UK, and it will get faster and faster. It doesn’t matter so much what is our understanding of revival. What we want to see is people getting saved, isn’t it? We don’t have to wait for a special day. Perhaps this time is the day called today. Let’s use every opportunity God is giving the Church right now to proclaim the gospel, and make His love known.

“Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season…” 2 Tim. 4:2.

Source: Marcos Barros

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