The Windows-Into courses Team from the Diocese of Truro and the Cornwall Methodist District have now produced course no 11 – Windows into the First Holy Week and Easter.  This could also be used as a Lent Course).  

The ‘Window-Into the Christian Faith’ course team from the Diocese of Truro and the Cornwall Methodist District have now produced course no.11 – ‘Windows-Into the First Holy Week and Easter’.

The Windows Into… series provides short ‘education for discipleship’ courses that offer a window into different aspects of the Christian faith. Produced by the Diocese of Truro and the Cornwall Methodist District, each course consists of six, 2-hour sessions. All the course material is supplied on a disk that includes:

  • A PowerPoint presentation together with tutor notes.
  • Handout materials in various forms appropriate to the subject matter of the course.

So all you need is:

  • A tutor (Reader, local preacher, RE teacher, etc).
  • A facilitator (to make coffee and supply post-it notes!)
  • A laptop computer with PowerPoint.
  • A data projector.
  • A flip chart.
  • Some post-it notes.
  • Occasionally, access to a printer or photocopier.
  • A nice warm room and the means to make a cup of coffee!
  • Everything else is on the disk.

We suggest that the course sessions are run best by two people – a ‘facilitator’ and a ‘tutor’ – rather than one, so we provide ‘Guidance Notes’ for Facilitators and Tutors. These courses aim to help participants to grow in the knowledge and love of God and as disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

For more information about the course, please see the attached pdf here Windows into Faith

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