I woke early with the word “platelets” coming to mind.  As I prayed, more followed as described below. I felt very strongly that God is re establishing the balance of the levels of the components of the lifeblood in the body in Cornwall.  Too few platelets cause excess bleeding,  too many can cause the creation of blood clots possibly leading to a stroke so balance is crucial. Platelets, so I understand, are also about growth and regeneration of connective tissue.

Then I clearly saw a big, open mouth that was as big as the whole of Cornwall with musical notes emerging from it.  God singing over Cornwall.   The song is the same song but the difference is that there are more people now who are having ears to hear, who are understanding the rhythm of heaven and beginning to hum or beat time to it and that is going to increase.  I saw more and more people catching the sound of the Spirit and in their kitchens, from rooms, in the car, wherever they were they were beginning to catch the beat.  Like the old Coca Cola advert “I’d like to teach the world to sing” where more and more people starting singing until you had a huge crowd all singing the same song on a high mountain. Then I saw that as this was happening the colours of the fields and the land were becoming brighter.  I feel this is going to be a physical thing as well as spiritual, almost like a blossoming of the fields so that whether people are believers or not they will notice, and will say “what is going on, everything seems to be flourishing more than we’ve ever seen it before”.  Crops doing well.  I sensed that there were problems with the soil in some parts of Cornwall (I have since learned that mining damages the soil) so this will be significant that the soil will be restored.I feel that God is bringing the colours out of what has become grey and lifeless.  The body is coming back to life here.  The greyness represents death but the colour is coming back into the body as the breath of the Holy Spirit is beginning to be allowed to have more reign.  It is bringing oxygen back into the blood and there are powerful signs of recovery.  “Open Heaven” is playing a key role in this and the body will continue to be empowered as more and more people hear the sound of His voice singing over the land.There will come a deep peace to lands that have been in strife.  Places where there have been wars are going to be affected particularly.  People will find themselves feeling the need to pray for forgiveness and reconciliation in certain parts of Cornwall without even knowing why but it’s because Papa is going to be healing the land and the body.As all this happens it is going to be like rich fertilizer and although it is going to start with the body,  it will be a natural thing that unbelievers will begin to be affected by such a shift in atmosphere.  It’s like a mist or fog of pain will gradually clear. I then saw dew over everything, like when a mist clears it leaves a residue of water. That is the moisture of the Holy Spirit that will be coming and nothing will be left out.  This isn’t for just some parts of Cornwall but a unification across the whole. People who have disagreed with each other powerfully in the past will resolve their differences, there will be a powerful anointing for people who haven’t spoken to each other for years, whether they are believers or not and it will be like the Sermon on the Mount – blessed are the peacemakers of Cornwall.Then I got the word “pacemaker” and I felt that God was saying that at times it’s been like the body has been on life support but now it’s time for the pacemaker that has been keeping the heart going to disappear, something like the healings where metal disappears in people’s bodies and that as that represents hard harsh things disappearing in the physical body, so hardness of heart would be exchanged for freedom and joy in reconciliation.Then I saw a huge man straddling Cornwall, with one foot in one place and one foot somewhere else and I felt that the places where each foot was placed are very significant. (I had an idea that there were stories of giants in Cornwall in folklore and when I looked it up, I read the story of the giant called Bolster with one foot on Carn Brea outside Camborne and the other on St Agnes.  I was fascinated to see that blood features very prominantly in this story and feel that there is more to this which needs seeking out!)I also felt a pressure in my head.  Headaches have been caused where there could have been ease.  I saw a picture of a cart with the horse behind it illustrating that we can create hard work for ourselves when things are out of their place.   Many people have been trying to push the cart and He is saying that he is going to put things back in their rightful place so that what has seemed like hard work will become easy as it comes back into alignment, ie. once the horse is in place, the cart moves easily.  I feel this is about the head and mind playing too strong a part, rather than the spiritual but that this would be redressed so that the spiritual life will be led by the Spirit rather than by the head and a flow like when a log jam is removed will begin to move again.
I saw the skies over Cornwall lighting up with a brightness that will be seen from far away.  People from here will travel overseas to talk about what has been happening in Cornwall and the anointing will catch and ignite other places.  This is to be given away and it will include a joy that has been missing from the body.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself even if that doesn’t seem sometimes to fit with your past experience of what a believer is, or even what has become the norm in more recent moves of the Holy Spirit. This is going to be more freedom again and none of us have ever really experienced that degree of the Kingdom.  God is doing a new thing which is an old thing, but it will feel new because it will be the full experience of the Gospel, in all its glory.
Nicky King (In:Courage)
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