But the Father would say to you this day:

“Oh greatly beloved – YOU are MINE! Every tear… every fear… every time you wept on your pillow in the unseen hours I was there right beside you and inside your heart loving you. Holding you. Making a way for you in the wilderness.

“And beloved son, beloved daughter, know this: I am the Father of all Compassions. I am the Father of Tender Mercies. My goodness and My loving kindness shall never, never depart from you. And even when the fiercest winds assailed you… even when you passed through the fire and were tossed to and fro by the greatest storms of your life… I was there, holding you, loving you, creating a golden tapestry out of the seeming unravelling threads of your life.

“And today child, there is a new day that dawns upon you.

“A NEW DAY that is opening to you in this Christmas season.

“And where there has been loneliness and abandonment I am bringing life and joy and liberty back into your heart. And JUBILEE, child, JUBILEE,” says the Father.

“Every portion of your life that has been contended for by the enemy this year, I am bringing restitution. I am bringing restoration. I am bringing healing. I am bringing new hope. I am causing the flowers to bloom in the desert. I am causing new springs of living water to gush up out of your arid ground.

“I am YOUR GOD. I am your FATHER.”

“And this Christmas season, as you come and lay down before Me and fellowship and worship Me, I the Lord God of Israel shall place a new song in your mouth.

“I shall cause you to feed on the finest of wheat and where the devourer has devoured your crops and your finances, your ministry, your family and even your dreams. This is a NEW DAY, child.

“A NEW DAY… A NEW DAY!” says the Lord.

“So beloved, as you celebrate the birth of My beloved Son, know this:

“That I have not forgotten you. Every dream that has been deferred, I am personally and intimately involved in every aspect of your life.

“And you shall sing again, child. You shall sing again. For I am doing a NEW thing and in the coming weeks and months, you shall rejoice and say My Heavenly Father redeemed Me. For I am the lifter of your head.

“I am goodness. I am kindness. I AM compassion and your way is never unseen of Me,” says the Lord.

Dec 3 2015

Word from the Heart with Wendy Alec


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