Dear Saints

It is such a privilege and honour to bring the word of the Lord. During my time away I saw the heavens open and heard the Lord say that 2016 will be the year of increase concerning the Supernatural and Dominion. God has has put extraordinary things in the hands of ordinary men.

There is a major movement, an exodus in type. Everywhere you turn, people are relocating due to wars and diverse needs. I’ve seen that parts of Africa inhabit more foreigners than domestic nationals. I think this is a situation that applies to an ever-increasing number of countries.

Many people do not embrace some of these movements. Some movements,frankly, are demonically inspired. This brings a type of territorial warfare. These territorial issues have been manifesting in some countries in the form of racial hatred and murders. In some countries we actually see gunmen going into churches. It appears all the boundaries are being breached and defiled, causing deeper strife.  Also, in the church, where many talk about love and unity, there is territorial warfare. It is almost like in some places, demonstrations of love are dependent on following dictatorship. Through it all, Abba Father is using the ones that he has chosen to fulfil His will.

Further, as I was praying, I saw many angels coming down, so I asked the Father why they had been released. He said they had been released to assist with the assignments given. Specifically, they have been released to clear the way and assist with dominion. They were mighty. The lights that were around them are indescribable, but there was a seriousness and preparedness about their appearance. They had access and were equipped to go.

I then asked the Lord: what must we do in this time? The Spirit of the Lord told me that even now there has been a drizzling of his glory on his people. He has begun empowering his people, but many do not understand it nor are they able to cope with the glory that is released. The more the glory is released, the more vital it is, particularly in this time, to recognise the need to stay. You need to stop and wait until the full understanding of what God is saying to you comes. Even when you feel like you cannot cope under the full weight of His glory, do not revert to coping mechanisms. Often when we cannot cope with the fullness of what God is doing or saying, we stop to do something easier. But there is a word that God wants to come out from you, with distinguished power and anointing. Once released, it will create a supernatural environment and an elevated platform for the demonstration of God’s power. So stay until He saturates you with His glory and highlights His word.

I also hear the Lord say that there is still time to turn things around. Why do I say this? In this vision, I saw that some people are stalled. They are stalled because they have not completed the last instruction. They may have done everything but not THE THING. The Lord has decreed: “the release will come in this hour when you recognise what you should change”. This could be an attitude, a relationship and/or your location. You just need to go by what He spoke and you can turn things around now.


Abba Father began to speak to me about fasting and its importance in this hour. For example, the Lord had asked me to fast and what I did with that instruction was immediately tie it to something I was believing God for. Normally, amazing grace comes with this instruction so that I can travel to any part of the world and still be able to fast. To cut a long story short, I missed it big time. Then I heard the voice of God say to me clearly, “This time,  fasting is not about you. It’s about my purpose.” You see, I had moved His timing into my timing. I can never share this without tearing up.  When the Lord gave me another opportunity to make this about, He vividly revealed that the church is a global community and my obedience in fasting will help somebody who needs the strength and cannot fast. As I prayed, my eyes opened to see chains fall off peoples’ hands. I saw the reality of the losing of the bonds of wickedness in Isaiah 58.

Although we can interpret Isaiah 58 in many ways, there is a real call to abstain in fasting for the justice system now in order to prepare ourselves as Christians for what is to come. Specifically, the call is for the corporate fasting of the global community. In our obedience, every need we have will be met because we are in the same family. Without knowing it, we will be covering each others’ backs. This obedience prepares the way for the body of Christ.

“Access Given”

Also, in the darkest of places, I saw men that were dressed as people of a different religion that we would normally look at and fear. However, they were actually God’s children. Although they were dressed in such a manner, theyunderstood the language of the Holy Spirit. They had been placed in this position to give access. I believe we should be careful before we judge people, as there are many people who have access to different countries. I believe God will say, “When you get to these countries look for the towers and align with them. The proper alignment will release the right power and the right anointing.” Don’t forget, we are partners.

Christian Businesses

I saw a cloak of different colours being placed on Christian business leaders. In the next ten years we will see an increase in wealth and ingenious ideas amongst them. They will be uncompromising, very prophetic and acutely equipped to negotiate with countries that are struggling. They will be a tidal wave of dominion. I encourage Christians in businesses to persist. Keep your hands cupped to receive the superior resources coming.

Prayer Movement

Then I heard the Lord say “I am raising up a global prayer movement” and I saw many thousands of lights, which were people, awakening, like light bulbsturning on; and as the one person starts to pray, the lights would turn on in different houses. Then the lights came together and began to fill the streets, stadiums and parks. As they worshipped and prayed, the areas they were in became marked and they took that territory. The Lord is encouraging people at this hour: “Do not be afraid, step out even those who have the “park visions” and the “stadium visions”, for I already have people in the place where you need to go to for the necessary permit that will say “yes”, and I already have the provision for the costs. All things are ready. Fear not. The enemy is trying to bring different religions to take territory. The movements will take back the territories that are stolen. In this hour I call my people to arise and begin to pray.”

This prayer movement is important to preserve the saints. Since 9/11, there have been different horns of pride that have risen up against the children of God. Some of what has happened is shocking. It is almost as if a gate has been opened where different groups have been formed to try and shock out what the previous group did. This is true about the recent events happening in Syria.  However, there is a far worse organisation that is about to rise. It is so arrogant that they will try to infiltrate the church. They will quote the Bible in pretence, have thorough Biblical knowledge and manipulate it.

But behold, the prayer movement will help to expose this in the early stages. The strength and fire in our collaboration will be a beautiful display! In the vision I saw Christians in persecuted places, having on body armour. They were standing with such authority and every word they spoke came out of their mouth like swords with fire. The persecution had made them strong and fearless. It was like they were the stealth operators interceding for the body of Christ. Their role was to decree, and the role of the Christians in the westernworld was to fast. Then I saw towers erected in the midst. Everywhere, I saw towers rising up. They were strong, and the Lord spoke to me saying “ these are men and women that I have chosen to watch out.” Some of these towers were able to see groupings of people. These towers represent the evangeliststhat will lead the people that are marked for salvation. They would lead them to the places of refuge for them to be nurtured so they would not be caught up in the whirlwind. The harvest of souls that are coming will not be lost.  The other towers represent the prophetic movement: the word of the Lord that is warning and instructing. These towers will be present in our personal and professional lives.

These are some of the points to look into for personal growth to prepare for what is coming:

1.       Learn more about yourself. What are your strengths and areas of weaknesses? Who are you?

2.       Listen to the concerns of the Spirit. Listen to your dream life, identify the negative patterns and seek help.

3.       Begin to sow seeds of righteousness and acts of kindness. Sow peace and love. Sow good seeds with your behaviour.

4.       Prepare to receive the keys and the revelation. Always have a tape recorder and pen and paper with you.

5.       Pray that you will have people who understand the language of the Spirit, so you have company to consult with. Pray for companies to arise so people can run to them to get understanding.

6.       Remember, dominion is countered by resistance. Whenever you are resisted – persist.

As the Lord showed me these things and I prayed into it, the scripture that came to my mind was “He who began a good work, will complete it”. We are to keep our focus. Whatever God has put in your hands, use it. Step by step, you will take dominion.

Gripped by His Love

Rev Betty King

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