Yes He Is is a place where Christians can come to be resourced and inspired to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with their online world.  It has links to loads of good quality videos, websites and images that help to explain what Christianity is about, from interviews with famous Christians to great ways to explain difficult concepts – great material that you will happily share with your friends online.

It’s very straightforward to use – visit, browse through their content by category or search for something specific, then click on the icons beside the one you want to share, to post it to Facebook, Twitter, email the link to a friend or add it to one of the many other social networks included in the site. You don’t need to direct people to Yes He Is, they go straight to the video or article that you’ve chosen to share.

Together we can use today’s most powerful media tools to share Jesus with a world desperate for a positive message.

Here’s a video explaining what it’s all about:

Imran Qureshi

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